Create 3D Mac Apps without writting code.
Works on Mac OS 10.7 or Newer
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(Particle Bubbles)

Wondering what PlumeriaSC 3 can do? Here's a small list:
  • Start creating games right away. Everything is built into the game engine.
  • A one time purchase fee for each computer.
  • For resources we use built-in 3D shapes that can be combined to create more complex shapes.
  • Tired of waiting and going through hoops when trying to distribute your app? PlumeriaSC allows you to distribute your app right away.
  • When you develop your application you can change values and watch them update instantly in the simulator.
  • Visually interact with graphics instead of manually typing numbers and text.
  • PlumeriaSC gently introduces you to programming concepts without written code.
  • All our videos demo real projects that we package with the download.
  • You can explore all the features of PlumeriaSC for free today without a user account or a monthly trial purchase.


Plumeria Smart Creator 3 is a visual object oriented language. It is designed for creating 3D games for both beginners and advanced developers alike. PlumeriaSC 3 combines the best features of an Integrated Developer Environment (IDE) and a realtime visual 3D Modeling program.

The interface was built from scratch and was inspired by Smalltalk and several other developer environments like it. PlumeriaSC 3 integrates a project browser and simulator into one window for easy navigation. One of the core goals of PlumeriaSC is to make programming immersive with the ability to drag sliders, change values of popup buttons, and modify 3D graphics all in realtime.

PlumeriaSC 3 is great for education. The tutorials are all free and geared for people who would like to learn the concepts of computer programming. The first tutorial (Hello Whirled) is specifically designed to be used with the free version of PlumeriaSC 3.

No Errors

PlumeriaSC 3 is designed to stop the top three errors in developer environments:
  1. Syntax Errors: PlumeriaSC's task components are designed to stop syntax problems before they start.
  2. Runtime Errors: Runtime Errors cannot happen because PlumeriaSC 3 will not let you insert a task of the wrong type.
  3. Infinite Loops: PlumeriaSC 3 uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to stop developers from ever creating infinite loops.
Most other programming developer environments can create these three major errors:
  1. Syntax Errors: If the spelling (a.k.a. the syntax) of your code is not correct an error is thrown and the application will not run. To fix a syntax error many times you have to search for the line the error is on and find where it is on that line.
  2. Runtime Errors: These usually occur when a variable type is not correct. It can cause crashes that leave you wondering where the error is in your code.
  3. Infinite Loops: If an infinite loop occurs your application can slow down considerably and freeze. Many developer envirnments show very little data as to where the infinite loop really happened.

The History

PlumeriaSC is named after a tropical plant that has red, pink, yellow, and white flowers. The pink and red flowers usually have a spicy cinnamon smell and the yellow and white flowers smell like coconut. We have all of them in our backyard that's how we know :-).

Note that since PlumeriaSC 3 uses a project browser and does not use flow charts the Plumeria Smart Charts name was retired and Plumeria Smart Creator is now used.

PlumeriaSC 2 History:

"Plumeria Smart Charts 2" or PlumeriaSC 2 was used as the name for the second major release. PlumeriaSC 2 was released February 2014 and was one if not the first developer tool created for making 3D games on the iPad. The flow charts are similar to PlumeriaSC 1 except more variables can be used per function and the charts have a chalkboard theme. Below is a picture of PlumeriaSC 2:

PlumeriaSC 1 History:

"Plumeria Smart Charts" was used as the name for the first major release in May 2012. The language used flow charts to represent programs. The flow charts were used to create data for the Mac and iOS simulators or to generate Xcode source code projects for iOS and Mac. The iOS simulator even had its own accelerometer simulator. Amazingly it could do all of this in one project on the Mac. A picture of PlumeriaSC 1 is below:

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